18 Waits’ clothing is built well, using the finest fabrics appropriate for each item. There is virtually no detail overlooked and thoughtfully addressed. An 18 Waits garment is meant to be worn well, enjoyed, loved, and destroyed.



Founded in 1957 by Sam Tick, Canada Goose invented the modern day parka and made its Canadian association inseparable. With strong ties to the Canadian Arctic, northern communities, and the worlds of mountaineering and outdoor film, Canada Goose has established itself as being the maker of the warmest jackets for the harshest climates. Despite the increasing demand for their product, as Canada Goose enters the luxury apparel market, their Made in Canada commitment is further solidified by their recent acquisition and opening of brand new factories in Winnipeg and Montreal.



Dayton emerged from Charlie Wohlford’s boot repair business in 1946. He had a reputation for being able to fix up loggers’ old boots to the point where they were better than new. There are over 230 steps involved in hand-crafting a pair of Dayton Boots, a labour intensive process that very few of the world’s bootmakers still use today. Dayton Boots are hand-crafted using the same exacting methods that have been used in their Vancouver factory/store for over 70 years.



With over a century in business, Falke has become a byword for luxury legwear. Their company mantra : “Quality for Quality’s Sake”, has informed the development of a core program that is, in so many words, perfect. The recent acquisition of a series of textile factories around Germany and Eastern Europe fuels innovation, as new minds and techniques continue to be integrated with their core business. The line is sure to keep you both stylish and comfortable where it's thought of least, but matters most.



We believe strongly in the idea of doing one thing, and one that thing well; this is why we stock gloves from Scandinavian glove maker Hestra. A family run business since it's founding, originally as Martin Magnusson & Co, in 1936, is run today by the third and fourth generation of Magnussons in the town of Hestra, Sweden.



IN SITU is GERHARD's in house label. The term "in situ" is used in art and archaeology to describe an artifact or event where it is or where it takes place, without isolating it from its original conditions. Studying an artifact “in situ” is often critical to the interpretation of the artifact and the culture which formed it. Our IN SITU program is domestically manufactured in a small knitwear factory in Québec using only the finest yarns available. The line is a permanent core program of high quality, well designed, fairly priced essentials.

For wholesale inquiries please contact GERHARD.



Malin + Goetz creates simple skin care solutions. Their treatments are made to be both gentle and effective, for all skin types, ungendered; a modern couple will shop for and use the same products together. Every product is formulated with trusted natural ingredients and the latest in cosmetic technologies.



Naked & Famous is not a normal denim company. Instead of relying on celebrity endorsements and expensive ad campaigns, they devote all of their resources to sourcing the world’s best fabric and making it into great jeans. No marketing, no washes, no pre-distressing, no nonsense. Just excellent denim at a reasonable price point.



Outclass is a Toronto based lifestyle brand that produces carefully crafted menswear essentials in Canada. Their mission is to revive the Canadian garment industry by educating people on the importance of supporting local makers and craftsmen. Outclass is manufactured entirely by owner operated businesses who stand by their craft. Materials are always sourced responsibly and in such a way that Outclass’ ecological footprint is reduced.



Reigning Champ designs and manufactures premium athletic wear. Their process is guided by two principles: Respect the details. Master simplicity. They design and develop signature fabrics, emphasizing rugged construction and unrivalled comfort. Reigning Champ is based in Vancouver, BC, where they have crafted year-round staples since 2007.



Through minimalist values and relentless attention to detail, VEILANCE offers climate controlling solutions in a system of modular layers. Technical design at its core is an expression of purpose. VEILANCE was founded by Arc’teryx Equipment on this philosophy, which continues to drive both brands towards material innovation and leading-edge garment engineering.



Born between Tokyo and Vancouver in 2004, wings+horns is a contemporary menswear label integrating innovative fabrics with a Japanese approach to detail. Each garment is designed to balance rugged utility with considered simplicity using versatile patterns and earthy colors to create an all encompassing, functional ready to wear program.